Quitting Weed – the help you need

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Hey Aaron here,

If you’re looking for the best method for quitting weed, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

Because this is my uncensored quitting weed story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my personal goal of quitting weed for good. ( If you just want the quit weed help manual and want to skip my experience and details click here now !)

I wanted the energy and ambition back that i used to have, I wanted my self respect back and I was sick and tired of spending all my money on weed and walking around like a zombie and my family constantly telling me how terrible I looked. So I decided to do something about it.

smoking weedI tried just going cold turkey but that didn’t work. I would be constantly thinking about smoking weed and would get angry at the smallest things and got really tetchy with my friends and family. As I smoked tobacco too I tried nicotine patches but that didn’t work either it maybe helped with the withdrawal from cigarettes and nicotine but I still craved the weed and would smoke pure bud all the more and I just found I would smoke more and more every day spending all my time either searching for weed or smoking it and spending more money than I could really afford.

I even tried those so called legal highs which are a blend of herbs you smoke, in an attempt to ween myself off the real cannabis but those herbs don’t give you anywhere near the same feeling as weed so I started mixing bud with them which kinda defeated the object because I was smoking weed again. Every time I tried I would end up going back to the weed and I just wasn’t getting anywhere. If any of this sounds familiar to you then trust me I know exactly how you feel I used to be just like you and I know what you are going through.

Eventually I stumbled upon a solution ‘The Quit Weed Guide‘ and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. The guide really helped me to detox and quit weed. It contained all the information and help i needed and a solid action plan that helped me to quit in just one week. The only one thing in the guide that I found didn’t work so well for me was the section on stopping your cravings so I also used A+ smokers control..(more on this below) but overall the Quit Weed Guide was what really helped me turn my life around and get back on track to living the life I wanted again.

Although the habbit of smoking weed is not as serious as vicodin addiction or is not a hard drug like heroin, cocaine or ice and has not been linked to Cancer and heart disease, the overuse of smoking pot has ruined or inhibited many lives. Whatever your reason for quitting weed, it is a wise decision because quitting weed will help get your life back on track and you can start to live the life you deserve.

1. Understanding your addiction

The first thing you must do is understand what your addiction is a reality. Whether you think you have a physical addiction or a mental addiction the habit of regularly smoking weed IS an addiction. Unlike cigarettes which contain nicotine, which is physically addictive, the dependence of most pot smokers is a mental dependence. The high you get from smoking weed feels good and you do not want to let it go. This is a psychological dependency. Marijuana can become a habit as people smoke on a regular basis. Now for a small percentage of regular users there is also a physical addiction to marijuana. After smoking often or for a long time, marijuana builds up inside you and creates a physical addiction. This makes it much more difficult to quit weed.

2. Understand your psychological needs

Once you can accept that addiction results mostly from a psychological need, you can move to understand this need. Try to understand what smoking weed is for you… is smoking an escape from a harsh reality? Is it simply a symptom of boredom? Is it because all your friends use pot too? The reasons we develop addictions are many and varied, but understanding the basis of the addiction will help make it easier for you when quitting weed.

3. Find something to replace your addiction

This does not mean finding another drug! Find something creative and fulfilling to fill that void. Maybe before you started smoking weed you had a hobby or something you were good at that slipped away when you started smoking to much dope. Go back to that pastime, often this will lead to great things.

4. Develop your will Quit

The psychological addiction can be very strong especially in people that used weed for many years, there are some natural herbal pills called ‘SmokeRx’ which eliminate the cravings and help calm nerves and relax you they really worked for me anyway.

Click Here to see SmokeRx details. Now these pills were only part of the solution for me and maybe you won’t need them. The most important thing is your determination and solid plan to follow. Apart from the A+ Smoker’s Control the real “secret” weapon so to speak for me was the ‘Quitting Weed Guide’. This guide is full of awesome info that really will have you quitting weed in no time. It includes a 2 to 6 day full detox program, a full lung detox, how to curb your cravings, how to sleep easy without weed, how to get rid of you psychological addiction in a few easy steps and a complete action plan course. This really works and I can honestly say I also Personally recommend this guide to my close friends when they ask me about giving up cannabis and many of them have already quit using this exact same guide.

look below for the link to the complete quitting weed guide

So here is my recommendation..if you are serious about quitting weed, Click Here To Get the Quit Weed Guide

Are you sick of wasting your life in a cloud or marijuana smoke? Do you want to kick your pot habit?

If you started smoking weed many years ago you might find it helpful to think back, where your mind was at back then, the chances are you’ve changed a lot since then and moved on but you just took your smoking weed habit with you. If this is the case you should tell yourself how you are different now and how you are stronger.

How to stop smoking pot is much easier said than done but it is very possible to quit forever if you understand your addiction and take steps to address this basic problem with iron will, determination to succeed, and the Quit Weed Guide you can do it!


Quitting Weed First Things First

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So you decided quitting weed was what you wanted to do…way to go man, good decision! Now in order for you to quit smoking pot you need to throw out all of your smoking paraphernalia or give it all to one of your mated that dont’ want to quit now but make sure you tell him that your quitting weed and you don’t want him to give it you back no matter what and you also don’t want him to try to get you smoking again. Best is probably just throw all your cannabis smoking stuff in the bin that way it will mean you cant get it back. having it all still lying around will be to much temptation.

Now think of something that you can enjoy to fill the time you used to spend smoking weed. If like me you loved sport before you got into weed then now is a good time to get back into the hobby you once loved. Another good idea is take up a new hobby that requires your concentration to learn something like playing a guitar or if you already play then set you goal on learning a new song you always wanted to play. Now every time you want to smoke pot you go do that task of learning the song or whatever it is, that way you also get something positive out of the time you no longer spend smoking and when you reach your goal you can tell yourself aahh I can do this now only because I quit the weed.

You also need to avoid the people who you used to smoke weed with. Now this can sound harsh but ask yourself are these people really my friends or are they just acquaintances I got to know because we both smoke cannabis. If you do have a really good friend and you want to remain close but he or she smokes weed still, then you must tell them you have quit and that if they want to spend time around you it can only be when doing something other than smoking, you want to cut all ties to smoking weed. Anyway you will find that many of these so called friends no longer want to bother with you after you quit because it reminds them of their weak will and in-ability to quit weed themselves. For you this just goes to show how strong you are, and that they were not good loyal friends in the beginning.

You might want to find something that will relax you, maybe music again or maybe going for a long walk. Something that will calm yiou down and take your mind off things if y9ou get a bit stressed while trying to quit.

Try to spend more time around your family and people who support your quitting weed efforts. Chances are when you got into weed your good friends and family started getting distant, you probably pushed them away and now is the perfect time to realise what is important in life and re-kindle old relationships.

Ways to quit smoking

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Some methods work and some don’t, and some work for some and not for others.
Nicoten replacement in the form of patches, gum and others have become one of the most well known ways world-wide to quit smoking today. The idea is to replace your dependence of the nicotene and tar and other chemicals in cigarette.

Also Indian tobacco, lobelia is sometimes used. Indians smoked lobelia wraped in leaves for hunfdreds of years without any known dependency. Also these herbal cigarettes do not contain tar.

The way that nicotene patches and gum work is to replace the smoking of dangerous chemicals and introducing carbon monoxide and tar into your lungs with a simple nicotene fix which makes you stop the craving of nicotene but at the same time is not overly harmfull. Even doctors are now prescribing nicotene patches and the like for serious addicts.

The problem with the nicotine replacement method is although you are supposed to gradually use less and less until you quit all together, using nicotine means you are still addicted to nicotine and all to many people go back to smoking after they finish the nicotine replacement therapy. Other problems with nicotine patches include skin irritation and some people experience sleep problems and nightmares while using nicotine patches to quit smoking.

There are also several drugs available and while some of them do help with the anxiety while trying to quit smoking they don’t actually help on the process of quitting the addiction to nicotine.

Then there are herbal remedies and it is also claimed that by using natural herbal remedies to help quit smoking you also benefit in that they actually help to repair the damage already done. Who knows how much of this is true though because the herbal and health supplement business is a billion dollar industry and companies will tell you all sorts of things to get you to buy their brand products.

However all of these methods are designed for quitting cigarettes so for those of you trying to quit weed first or quitting weed and cutting out nicotine and cigarettes they might not be enough which is why in the next post I am going to be addressing exactly how i quit weed and how many other people are quitting weed with ease using some simple methods that don’t need to be prescribed by your doctor and wont cost you an arm and a leg either…stay tuned.

Side effects of smoking weed

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Ok here we are just going to list some of the unwanted affects of smoking weed because after all this site is about quitting weed so we wont go into the general effects and the reasons that people like to smoke weed.

Drowsiness and becoming lethargic ( not wanting to do anything but laze around and smoke weed. )
Loss of motivation and interest in other activities ( most users who had a serious interest in sports or other physical activities soon lose interest and lose their talent in that area. )
Emphysema ( inhaling smoke of any kind is not good for the lungs and other body organs and especially those with asthma can go on to get serious chest and breathing problems from long time use of cannabis ).
Dizziness .
Short term memory loss ( many users report longer term memory loss also from sustained abuse of weed ).
Slowed reactions .
Aging of the skin ( smoking causes restriction of oxygen to the skin resulting in premature ageing of the skin ).
Feelings of anxiety, panic and paranoia .
Impaired vision.
Increased heart rate and sometimes palpitations.
Impared judgement ( decission makeing ability can be seriously altered ).

These are just some of the more obvious side effects, there are plenty more as I’m sure you have experienced.


So you want to start quitting weed?

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Are you sick of wasting your life in a cloud or marijuana smoke? Do you want to kick your pot habit?

Quitting weed may well be one of the best decisions you ever make. Right now if you are still smoking pot every day you probably don’t even realize just how much it has changed you and how much your quality of life has gone downhill. I put up this website to help you with quitting weed and I know you a re going to appreciate the info y9o0u will find here and surely will make it easier for you to quit smoking weed for good.

If you started smoking weed many years ago you might find it helpful to think back, where your mind was at back then, the chances are you’ve changed a lot since then and moved on but you just took your smoking weed habit with you. If this is the case you should tell yourself how you are diferent now and how you are stronger. How to stop smoking pot is much easier said than done but it is very possible to quit  forever if you understand your addiction and take steps to address this basic problem with iron will, determination to succeed,
you can do it!