Side effects of smoking weed

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Ok here we are just going to list some of the unwanted affects of smoking weed because after all this site is about quitting weed so we wont go into the general effects and the reasons that people like to smoke weed.

Drowsiness and becoming lethargic ( not wanting to do anything but laze around and smoke weed. )
Loss of motivation and interest in other activities ( most users who had a serious interest in sports or other physical activities soon lose interest and lose their talent in that area. )
Emphysema ( inhaling smoke of any kind is not good for the lungs and other body organs and especially those with asthma can go on to get serious chest and breathing problems from long time use of cannabis ).
Dizziness .
Short term memory loss ( many users report longer term memory loss also from sustained abuse of weed ).
Slowed reactions .
Aging of the skin ( smoking causes restriction of oxygen to the skin resulting in premature ageing of the skin ).
Feelings of anxiety, panic and paranoia .
Impaired vision.
Increased heart rate and sometimes palpitations.
Impared judgement ( decission makeing ability can be seriously altered ).

These are just some of the more obvious side effects, there are plenty more as I’m sure you have experienced.


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